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For the first time, as part of SIRCC 2021 Online, we've interviewed some of the authors of articles published in the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care, to explore in more detail the content of their articles and meet the people behind the names.

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Meet the Editor: Graham Connelly

Sarah Deeley, Improving Care Experiences Consultant at CELCIS talks to Graham Connelly, Honorary Senior Research Fellow with CELCIS and the School of Social Work and Social Policy in the University of  Strathclyde, discussing his background in residential care, teaching, and social work and how he became editor of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care.


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Meet the Author: Jenna Bollinger

Jenna Bollinger, Director of Psychology and Clinical Services for Knightlamp, which consults on assessment and implementation of therapeutic programmes in out of home care across Australia, discusses her article, Stability and Residential Care in New South Wales, Australia, detailing how staff who worked in residential care in New South Wales participated in interviews, giving their thoughts on what brings stability to a residential care placement, and the impact of that stability on a young person’s outcomes.

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Meet the Authors: Paul Gilroy and Lawrence Wareing

Paul Gilroy, who has worked in the children and young people’s residential care sector for 35 years, most of them with CrossReach, and Lawrence Wareing, freelance writer and editor, discuss their article, The other side of the wall, which describes the closure of CrossReach’s last remaining residential school, Ballikinrain, which marks an important stage in the evolution of the charity’s care for young people, to quite literally walk beyond the estate – rather remote and set apart – into local towns and villages. 

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Meet the Author: Kathy Grant

Children and families social worker Kathy Grant discusses her article, Reflections on Life Space Intervention in Social Work, and talks about her own personal experience of frontline social work practice during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The response to the pandemic has brought challenges, but has also created positive opportunities for reflection, change, motivation, and created a re-energising for the parts of the ‘job’ Kathy had forgotten.

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Meet the Author: Frank Ainsworth

Frank Ainsworth, Senior Principal Research Fellow in the School of Social Work and Human Services at James Cook University in Australia, discusses his article, A Personal Reflection - In it for the Long Haul and reflects on his long career in residential childcare, and documents the relationship and careers of Frank Ainsworth and Leon Fulcher that have both coincided and diverged across the years.

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Meet the Authors: Miriana Giraldi, Alex McTier, and Robert Porter

Miriana Giraldi, International Associate at CELCIS, Dr Alexander McTier, Evidence and Evaluation Specialist at CELCIS, and Robert Porter, Research Lead at CELCIS discuss their article Quality is everyone’s responsibility: Applying implementation science to residential child care which applies the learning from implementation science to advance the sector’s thinking around what needs to be in place to ensure consistently high-quality residential care.

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