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Title Authors Year
Editorial Graham Connelly 2021
From procedural child rights education to a relational child rights-based practice model Tara Collins, Kiaras Gharabaghi, Sheldon Caruana, Shannon Cherry, and Richard Marcano-Henry 2021
The Hopelessness of Labels for Young People Rosie Urquhart-Stewart and Nicola Wylie 2021
The Role of Informal Networks in the Lives of Young People Transitioning from Care Philip Teer 2021
Left behind Reflections of residential care home managers when children leave Yesha Bhagat and Barbara O’ Reilly 2021
That's what we do Craig Paul 2020
Assessment, Risk & Decision Making in Social Work (An Introduction) Michael Stewart 2020
Consequences for the child welfare system in Catalonia Daniel Ortega 2020
Delving Deeper to Come Back Stronger Iain MacRitchie 2020
COVID-19 Survey of residential services in Ireland during the restrictions John Murphy 2020
Fear Uncertainty and Relational Care in the Face of COVID-19 James Freeman 2020
Problem posing during the COVID19 pandemic Joe Gibb 2020
Overcoming the isolating impact of COVID-19 Meaghan Vosz, Lynne McPherson, Kathomi Gatwiri and Natalie Parmenter 2020
Supporting the emotional wellbeing of adults in child care settings during the COVID-19 Shona Quin and Pen Noel 2020
Relationships and resilience in the time of the Coronavirus Danny Henderson and Nicki Mclaughlin 2020
Editorial Graham Connelly 2020
Young people in care Claire Cameron 2020
Valuing Those Who Care for Others - The ‘SafeSpace’ Project at Kibble Mhairi Gallacher 2020
COVID-19, the journey from crisis to opportunity: Experiences of young people in residential child care and their carers Elaine Hamilton & Niamh Miller 2020
Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work, 5th Edition Louise Henry 2020
Creativity with Care During COVID-19 Paul Sullivan 2021
Secure Care Pathway and Standards Co-production process and implementation plans Paul Sullivan and Beth-Anne Logan 2021
Extending out-of-home care in the State of Victoria, Australia Philip Mendes 2021
‘Not cut out for prison’ Depriving children of their childhood Claire Lightowler, Bruce Adamson and Maria J Galli 2021
Child sexual exploitation Considerations for those who care Alexandra Giordano 2021
Labours of Love: The Crisis of Care Graham Connelly 2021
Journeys to Identity: Why Care Records Matter Laura Brown, David Grimm, Dr Gregor Clunie 2020
Let Love Liberate Our Children to Learn Hazel G. Whitters 2020
Editorial Graham Connelly 2020
Home and belonging: Mapping what matters when moving on Robin Dallas-Childs and Danny Henderson 2020
A reading of The Extraordinary ordinary by David Grimm David Grimm 2020
Turning Ordinary Love Into Extraordinary Outcomes at East Park Liam Feeney 2020
Crossing the paradigm of self Niall Reynolds 2020
Home is where the art is Kerri Rasmaidh 2020
The Deinstitutionalisation Debate in India Sheila Ramaswamy and Shekhar Seshadri 2020
The theory doesn’t work here Nick Pike 2020
The Limitations of Vicarious Trauma Prevention Strategies Marianne Macfarlane 2020
The Value placed on Everyday Professionalism David C. Lane and Robert Shaw 2020
The Extraordinary Role of Case Management in Daily Care Laura Horvath 2020
The Extraordinary ordinary David Grimm 2020
Swinging Between Lines of Fear and Blame Beverley Graham 2020
The Conflict between Theory and Practice in Caring for Children Shivangi Goenka and Kiran Modi 2020
Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain's Poorest Towns and My Name is Why Samantha Fiander 2020
Learning from positive historical child care practice Moyra Hawthorn 2020
A developing journey in residential child care Danny Henderson 2020
Not again little owl Fiona Lettice 2020
Legislating for love Kathleen A Marshall 2020
Editorial Dr Graham Connelly 2020
From ‘Another kind of home’ to ‘A different kind of family’ Max Smart and Andy Thorpe 2020
Kilbrandon Lecture Professor Manfred Nowak 2020
On Root/Route: Engaging nature as therapeutic partner through land praxis in residential child care contexts Shannon A. Moore & Kimberley Duffin 2020
Evaluation of a DBT group within adolescent residential care Katie McIntyre 2020
Beyond 18 - Leaving child care institutions: A study of aftercare practices in five states of India. Kenny McGhee 2020
Association between aggression traumatic event exposure and post traumatic stress disorder Rachel Webb 2019
Care experienced information rights and organisational practice Caroline Anderson 2019
Assessment of alternative families in Egypt Amira Abdel-Aziz 2019
An aeroplane without wings Cath Lowther, Jo Dunn and Julia Powell 2019
One moment you're covered in blood and next it's what's for tea Alicia Brown 2019
The new direction of the social foster care system in Japan Norifumi Senga 2019
Kilbrandon Lecture Dame Elish Angiolini 2019
Editorial Dr Graham Connelly 2019
Developing team resilience Adrian Graham 2019
National Confidential Forum: Reflections on participant experiences Martin J. McKee 2019
MCR Pathways’ relationship based practice at scale: Revolutionising educational outcomes for care-experienced young people Iain MacRitchie 2019
Studying ‘deinstitutionalisation’ outcomes in Cape Town: How it all happened Juliane Petersen 2019
Learning from lived experience in government care: Sharing gains in knowledge and practice in youth participation with key care stakeholders Jade Purtell, Luke Westwick, Brittany Witnish, Jarrad Butcher, Annie [Withheld], Ralph Salera and Jenna Bollinger 2019
Reaching beyond or beyond reach: Challenges influencing access to higher education for care-experienced learners in Scotland Peter Tormey 2019
Healing environments for children who have experienced trauma: an IRISS Evidence Search and Summary Service outline. Dan Johnston 2019
Representations of ‘family’ in residential care: Perspectives from residential care staff in Zimbabwe Getrude Dadirai Gwenzi 2019
Why we decided to transition from residential to family-based care Laura Horvath, Mohamed Nabieu and Melody Curtiss 2019
Residential childcare in Ghana: Analysing current trends and drivers Kwabena Frimpong-Manso, Antoine Deliege, Theresa Wilson and Yvonne Norman 2019
Three things about growing fruit Charlie Gracie 2019
Adoption today: A consideration of adoption within the Scottish care and permanence system, and the challenges faced by children and families Fiona Aitken 2019
‘A Review Like No Other’: Putting love at the heart of the care system James P. Anglin 2019
Editorial Graham Connelly 2019
Life story approaches and relationships within residential child care: A practice reflection Elaine Hamilton 2019
Closer to children and families: Benefits and costs of improvements to children’s residential care in Slovakia Lucia Hargašová 2019
The Taboo of Love for children in care: its emergence through the transference relationship and in the system around the child Angela Evans 2019
Editorial Dr Graham Connelly 2019
ACEs in the Shadows – Understanding Adverse Childhood Mike Findlay 2019
Enduring principles in a changing world Melissa Hunt 2019
Trauma Informed Care for Adverse Childhood Experiences among Out-of-Home-Care Children - Developing an understanding through Case Studies from India Kiran Modi, Kakul Hai 2019
Youth Engagement and Participation in a Child and Youth Care Context Lindsay Sinclair, Melissa Vieira, Vanessa Zufelt 2019
Layers of Healing Care Shona Quin 2019
Children, Autonomy and the Courts: Beyond the Right to be Heard Robert Porter 2019
Editorial Chris Walter and Charlotte Wilson 2018
Costs, benefits and mechanisms of animal-assisted therapy: adopting a change in perspective Vanessa Wilson 2018
Book review: Radical help: How we can remake the relationships between us and revolutionise the welfare state Claire Cameron 2018
Awareness of and support for Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Children’s Hearings Ann Clark, Dermot Fitzsimons 2018
Social inclusion and intellectual disability in Ireland: Social inclusion co-ordinators’ perspectives on barriers and opportunities. Antonia Kenny, Dr Martin Power 2018
Falling through the cracks: critical review of the deinstutionalization process in post-socialist state Kārlis Lakševics, Artūrs Pokšāns and Kristians Zalāns 2018
Animal Magic-Using the Health and Social Care Standards for Looked after Children Mary Morris 2018
Book Review: Apology and the legacy of abuse of children in ‘Care’. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Moyra Hawthorn 2018
Book review: That’s So Gay Challenging Homophobic Bullying Linda Brewster 2018
Editorial Graham Connelly 2018
Fellowship as social-pedagogical treatment Mogens Jensen 2018
The importance of love within the care system: Love should be a right Helen Johnston 2018
Diary: Olivia Khan Olivia Khan 2018
Compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction and work engagement in residential child care Dr Kerry Audin, Dr Jolanta Burke, Dr Itai Ivtzan 2018