The Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care


Aims and scope

The Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care is a peer-reviewed, open access e-journal which aims to provide a rich forum for debate and dissemination about the topical issues in residential child care research, policy and practice.

The topics covered are wide ranging and relate to all aspects of residential child care, including the interface between residential care and other contexts, such as health, education and other care settings, as well as topics relating to children’s wellbeing in public care.

We publish: 

  • Peer-reviewed academic papers/original research/review papers (maximum word length, 6,000 words) 
  • Short reflections or commentaries on research, policy or practice (maximum word length, 3,000 words) 
  • Methodological papers from doctoral studies 
  • Accounts of relevant conferences 
  • Book reviews 
  • Obituaries

And every year we also publish the text of the annual Kilbrandon Lecture.

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Although published here in Scotland, the Journal has an international outlook. And this makes sense because concern about the welfare of children in care is a global one, and international comparison provides us all with an opportunity to develop research, policy, and practice.

We’re always looking for contributors from across the globe to share their wide and varied experience of care, including people with lived experience, practitioners, managers, researchers, and policy folk.

Call for papers

We have an open call for articles on all topics related to residential child care.

We also plan specific themed issues.

Find out more about our Call for papers including the topics for our Special Editions and submission deadlines.

I have an idea - what next?

Read our statement of aim and scope and look at articles we have previously published. If you need advice, email us at with an outline of the article you have in mind. Tell us what kind of article it is, i.e. 'peer-review,' or 'short reflection / commentary.

We are committed to the use of inclusive and non-stigmatising language in all our journal content. As a Scotland-based Journal we are particularly influenced in this by The Promise, and by the Each and Every Child initiative. We recognise that language evolves, that terms used historically may not be appropriate for modern audiences, and that usages may differ internationally. As part of our editorial process, from March 2023 we will endeavour to draw authors' attention to any potentially problematic terms or phrases, and where appropriate suggest alternatives, with a view to mutual agreement on any changes. We encourage authors and readers to alert us to any instances in which we get this wrong, in order that we may learn from errors.

Please download the submission pack. It is essential that authors follow the requirements for writing style and referencing specified in the 'Guidelines for Contributors'. Articles which do not conform to the journal's style guide will be returned for revision. Please use the article template, write in English with UK/Irish spellings, and use APA7 referencing style. Remember that all articles must be capable of being understood by an international audience. Scottish-based authors should not assume readers will be familiar with Scottish policy and law. Articles submitted must be accompanied by a completed submission form. Articles for peer-review should have authors' names and affiliations on a title page saved in a separate file from the article.

The Journal Editors


Dr Graham Connelly, CELCIS and School of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde


Associate Editor

Sarah Deeley, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde


Book Review Editor

Dr Leanne McIver, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde


Editor Emeritus

Emeritus Professor Andrew Kendrick, Professor of Residential Child Care, School of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde


Past Editors

  • Emeritus Professor Andrew Kendrick
  • Dr Irene Stevens
  • Dr Laura Steckley

Journal Administrator

Georgina McGhie


Editorial Board

  • Artūrs Pokšāns, Lecturer, University of Latvia
  • Charlotte Wilson, Care Inspectorate
  • Professor Claire Cameron, University College London
  • Coenraad de Beer, SOS Children’s Villages International
  • Dan Johnson, Kibble Education and Care Centre
  • Fouzy Mathey, Founder of Yes! for humanity
  • Dr Graham Connelly, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde (Chair)
  • Dr Iain Matheson, Massey University
  • Dr Ian Milligan, University of Strathclyde
  • Professor James P. Anglin, University of Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Dr Jim Goddard, Chair of The Care Leavers Association
  • Dr Kiaras Gharabaghi, Ryerson University
  • Dr Laura Steckley, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Leanne McIver, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Leon Fulcher, International Child and Youth Care Network
  • Lesley Sneddon, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde
  • Lizzie Thomson, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Lucia Hargašová, Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Martha J Holden, Director, Residential Child Care Project Cornell University
  • Dr Maurice Fenton, Consultant
  • Michelle Howard, Quality Assurance & Development Manager
  • Miriana Giraldi, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Norifumi Senga, Nihon-Fukushi University
  • Raymond Taylor, North Lanarkshire Council
  • Professor Robbie Gilligan, Trinity College Dublin
  • Robyn Kemp, Social Care and Social Pedagogy Consultant
  • Professor Ruth Emond, University of Stirling
  • Sarah Deeley, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde
  • Zeni Thumbadoo, Deputy Director of the National Association of Child Care Workers


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Publisher: CELCIS

ISSN: 1478 - 1840

Published from: 2002

Frequency: Two issues per volume (spring and autumn)