Virtual School Head Teachers in Scotland: Practice Case Studies

Year: 2022
Topic: Education
Author: Michael Bettencourt, Kimberley Keenan, Larissa Gordon, Emma Allen, Mary Jane Hunter, Leanne McIver, Gemma Watson, Linda O’Neill

This report provides an insight into the role of Virtual School Head Teachers (VSHTs) and Care Experienced Teams (CETs) in Scotland through four case studies, which provide examples of how VSHTs are using creativity, compassion, and communication to establish new, innovative and alternative ways of supporting care experienced children and young people during their education journey.

The first two case studies focus on how VSHTs provided personalised support for care experienced learners during their time in primary and secondary school. The third case study explores how a VSHT supported a group of care experienced learners. The final case study reflects on how a VSHT developed their service from scratch and made a positive impact across wider children’s services.

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