Secure in the Knowledge: Perspectives on Practice in Secure Accommodation

Year: 2005
Topic: Education, Residential care
Author: SIRCC (incorporated into CELCIS). Ed Mark Smith

In 2002, the Scottish Executive announced an expansion and re-configuration of secure accommodation services for young people, and asked SIRCC to develop practice literature around themes relevant to working in secure accommodation.

Staff who work in secure accommodation will come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. However, they are unlikely to have had training specifically on secure accommodation.

There are practical, emotional and intellectual dimensions to working in secure accommodation, or any residential child care setting. These papers reflect the experience of current and past practitioners. They are also underpinned by the available literature on secure accommodation and on residential child care more generally.

Reflective questions prompt practitioners to link theoretical knowledge to their own settings and their own practice. Those who wish to extend their thinking around particular areas of practice are pointed towards further reading.

It is hoped the papers will prove useful tools in the supervisory process and in team discussions.