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Year: 2014
Topic: Health and Wellbeing, Historical abuse, International
Author: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Professor Andrew Rowland

This report looks at how the UK can better tackle child abuse, neglect and exploitation and contains 10 Key UK Recommendations. In addition there are 25 enabling and associated recommendations together with seven international recommendations. The recommendations are supported by 317 scientific and other references.

All of the recommendations are designed to build strong and healthy communities with children at their hearts.

In addition to recommending specific legislative changes, there are five major themes that run throughout the report:

  • The introduction of a limited form of mandatory reporting of child abuse
  • The need for further research surrounding child protection in the UK including ascertaining the views of society to help develop preventative strategies
  • Better training to recognise and respond to cases of potential child sexual exploitation
  • Prohibition of physical punishment of children
  • The launch of a children’s advocacy centre pilot and advocating on behalf of children.