Independent Care Review reports

Year: 2020
Topic: Active implementation, Adoption, Child protection, Children's hearings system, Corporate parenting, Education, Foster care, Health and Wellbeing, Kinship care, Legislation, Local authority, Looked after at home, Neglect, Permanence, Residential care, Stigma, Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people
Author: Independent Care Review

Scotland’s Independent Care Review has published its findings and recommendations in a set of five reports, and one for children and young people, which cover the changes the Care Review recommends, plans for implementing changes and the investment in services that is required:

  • The Promise - which reflects what over 5,500 care experienced children and adults, families and the paid and unpaid workforce told the Review, and outlines what Scotland must do to make sure its most vulnerable children feel loved and have the childhood they deserve – and a Pinky Promise – a report for younger readers
  • The Plan – which explains how this change must happen
  • The Money and Follow the Money which explain how Scotland can invest better in its children and families; and
  • The Rules – which demonstrates the current legislative framework and how it must change to achieve The Promise.