Home Supervision Requirements: Messages from research

Year: 2012
Topic: Looked after at home, Voices of young people
Author: Andressa Gadda, John Paul Fitzpatrick

A summary of findings on Home Supervision Requirements (HSRs) in Scotland, including knowledge from existing research, and new evidence. HSRs are a type of legal supervision order unique to the Scottish system of child legislation. Children who are subject to an HSR are ‘looked after’ by a local authority while still living at home with a parent or relevant person.

Key messages from the research

  • Children who are subject to an HSR are typically known to social work for a number of years before being placed on compulsory supervision
  • The needs of children who are subject to an HSR are similar, if not the same, as those who are 'looked after' away from home
  • Decisions on whether to remove children from home are based on the availability of resources and family support as well as assessment
  • Children subject to an HSR experience a great deal of instability