Holding Safely 2005

Year: 2005
Topic: Corporate parenting, Health and Wellbeing, Residential care
Author: Jennifer Davidson, Dennis McCullough, Laura Steckley, Tim Warren.

A guide for residential child care practitioners and managers about physically restraining children and young people.

When a child or young person is distraught and violent, and cannot be calmed, staff must be prepared to intervene effectively and safely. Employers and managers have to ensure that they are prepared, through training, advice and supervision, to undertake this aspect of their work.

This guide has been written to help reduce those occasions when practitioners need to restrain a young person, to prepare them for the times when this is absolutely necessary and to more effectively meeting children and young people’s needs and upholding their rights in Scotland.

We have also included the files referenced within the publication.

Holding Safely | PDF

Assessing and Managing | Doc

Dummy log with Macro | Excel

Dummy log without Macro | Excel

Log with Macro | Excel

Log without Macro | Excel

Recording incidents | Doc