Getting it Right in Dundee

Year: 2018
Topic: Active implementation
Author: CELCIS

As part of our Addressing Neglect and Enhancing Wellbeing programme, CELCIS has partnered with Dundee Partnership on the new initiative Getting it Right in Dundee, a programme utilising Active Implementation to address neglect in Dundee.

Getting it Right in Dundee is part of the wider Getting it Right for Every Child (Girfec) pilot. The Partnership will utilise active implementation methodology to ensure: "that every child and young person in Dundee is Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included."

Three schools in Lochee have been chosen to form part of the pilot, where the programme is currently being implemented.

The Dundee Partnership is between key city agencies, academic institutions, and voluntary and community sectors, supporting inter-agency collaboration. The partnership has made a major contribution to Dundee's regeneration, and has become the city's vehicle for the delivery of community planning.

Further information about the programme is available in the Getting it Right in Dundee newsletter.