Frank Cottrell-Boyce: Open the box of delights

Year: 2014
Topic: Corporate parenting, Education
Author: Frank Cottrell-Boyce

We were lucky enough to have Professor Frank Cottrell-Boyce as one of our keynote speakers at CELCIS 2014 conference.

In case you missed it or were unable to attend the conference we've shared it here for you to watch.


What's it about?

For many children, their first experience of books and reading is through literacy education. We need to create space in school and in the home for reading for pleasure and sharing books and stories without asking for either a creative response or evidence of comprehension.

When a child is read to, they experience alertness and attention without anxiety. Reading aloud offers children and young people the experience of sharing with peers and carers and joining with the long traditions from which our cultures are built.