Creative Consortium: Children and young people in residential care engagement in music

Year: 2018
Topic: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Residential care
Author: Charlie Gracie, Moyra Hawthorn and Michelle McCue

The Creative Consortium emerged from a Creative Scotland initiative in 2013, aimed at increasing the opportunities for children and young people in residential care to participate in musical activities. The Consortium brought together a group of organisations - involved in creative arts and with young people in residential care - to develop a research and practice development programme. CELCIS was commissioned to research the following questions:

What is already known about young people in residential care's involvement in creative activity?

  • How can our looked after young people and relevant associated organisations access creative resources and funding?
  • How can the residential child care workforce best facilitate young people's involvement in music activities?
  • How can music and arts providers better design programmes to ensure increased engagement with the residential child care sector?
  • What are the barriers within the music and arts sectors that contribute to a low uptake and awareness from the residential child care sector?
  • What difference has been made by the Creative Consortium?

Volume One describes the legislative and policy context within which this study took place, as well as reviewing literature on the subject and discussing the study methodology. Volume two outlines the findings and introduces the analysis.