Child Protection Chief Officers’ Leadership Events

Year: 2018
Topic: Child protection
Author: CELCIS

As part of the current Child Protection Improvement Programme (CPIP), the National Child Protection Leadership Group, hosted two events for all Child Protection Chief Officers' Groups and Chairpersons of Child Protection.

The programme included key inputs as well as opportunities for leaders to reflect, share experiences and discuss continuous improvement.

CELCIS supported the Scottish Government in the planning of these events that took place on 25 April 2018 in Glasgow and 2 May 2018 in Perth, Scotland.

This was in response to Recommendation 2 of the Child Protection System's Review that was undertaken during the first phase of the Child Protection Improvement Programme:

The Scottish Government should resource a number of regional leadership events via the Leadership Group for all Chief Officers' Groups and Chairpersons of Child Protection Committees to network, share good practice and collectively horizon scan for new risks facing children and young people.

A Summarised Events Report is available (above) is available and both presentations are below.