‘Supervision in Education – Healthier Schools For All’ - Barnardo’s Scotland

Year: 2020
Topic: Education, Health and Wellbeing
Author: Barnardo's Scotland

Barnardo's Scotland has launched a new report, ‘Supervision in Education – Healthier Schools For All’, which calls for better emotional and mental health support for those working in the education sector.

The report follows on from a discussion paper on the topic in June 2019, and is based on the findings from a survey carried out by the charity last summer. These were presented and discussed with a number of practitioners including through the CELCIS Education Forum and a roundtable with professionals including unions and local government.

The research suggests that children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing could be greatly improved if education staff were to receive dedicated time for support and reflection through Supervision structures aimed at improving their own mental health and wellbeing.