Assessment of prospective kinship, foster and adoptive carers and progress of permanence planning during Covid-19 Lockdown

Year: 2020
Topic: Adoption, Foster care, Kinship care, Permanence
Author: CELCIS

In May 2020, the CELCIS Resilience Team was asked by the Scottish Government to explore how local areas were responding to the challenges of COVID-19 in terms of:

  • Assessments and approval of prospective kinship carers, foster carers and adopters
  • Child’s care planning and permanence planning

The team also considered innovations that could be further developed post COVID-19.

In their conclusion they state: the crisis response to COVID-19 has galvanised different ways of working across multi agency public and third sector colleagues and services to support children and families. Care for the workforces, including carers and volunteers, is essential to protect and strengthen these new practices and further develop collaboration and the virtues of virtual communication opportunities. Resisting pull back to the pre COVID-19 system ‘as was’ will enable us to continue towards the realisation of a rights based GIRFEC and UNCRC childhood for all babies, children and young people and the intentions of the promise for those in need of care and protection.