CELCIS Annual Lecture: Helping families flourish

Year: 2016
Topic: Child protection, Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people
Author: CELCIS

The CELCIS Annual Lecture Series invites prominent people to speak about the latest research and evidence, driving a debate about the big issues facing vulnerable children and families.

The lecture is an important date in the CELCIS calendar; encouraging everyone to pause, reflect and enter into a dialogue so that ultimately we can change the lives of children and families for the better.

In this year's lecture we heard inspirational talks from leading academics:

  • Professor Brigid Daniel will discuss how children and families seek help, why these services are perceived as 'hard to access', and what families value in situations of potential neglect.
  • Professor Karen Broadhurst will focus on care leavers, early transition to motherhood and young women's vulnerability to subsequent court-ordered removal of their children.

Professor Brigid DanielĀ 

Professor Karen Broadhurst

Jennifer Davidson chaired a panel and audience discussion