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Using my creativity and experience to help other young people make informed choices

Year:  | Topic: Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people | Author: Ciara Waugh
Ciara Waugh is an art and design student who has been working with other young people to co-produce national information materials on the rig…
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Response to the consultation on National Improvement Framework – enhanced data collection for improvement

Year: 2022 | Topic: Education | Author: Michael Bettencourt
CELCIS's response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on 'National Improvement Framework – enhanced data collection for improvement' hi…
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Committee on the Rights of the Child 2021 Day of General Discussion Children’s Rights and Alternative Care Outcome Report

Year: 2022 | Topic: International, Voices of young people | Author: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
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Response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Home Education guidance

Year: 2022 | Topic: Education | Author: Ruth Sills
CELCIS supports the review of existing Home Education guidance. In our consultation response we suggest ways in which the proposed draft coul…

Grappling with the implications of The Promise for teaching social work in Scotland

Year:  | Topic: Active implementation, Corporate parenting, Local authority | Author: Autumn Roesch-Marsh, Ruth Emond, Helen Whincup
Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh, Professor Ruth Emond and Dr Helen Whincup draw on their experiences in teaching Social Work students to consider how …
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CELCIS Response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation on a Children’s Care & Justice Bill

Year: 2022 | Topic: Children's hearings system, Residential care, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Kate Mackinnon, Paul Sullivan and Lizzie Thomson
CELCIS’s response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on a Children’s Care & Justice Bill. Here, we respond to proposals on changes to …

The power of participation: understanding the lives of young refugees through creativity

Year:  | Topic: International | Author: Paul Sullivan and Professor Ravi Kohli
As part of Refugee Week 2022, Paul Sullivan, Sector Engagement Lead at CELCIS, and Professor Ravi Kohli, a researcher at the University of Be…

Connections are key: the importance of relationship-based practice in supporting refugees and asylum seekers

Year:  | Topic: International | Author: Lorraine Ward
During Refugee Week, Lorraine Ward writes about why connections are key in helping young asylum seekers and refugees to build happy, fulfilli…

Everyone’s story is their own: learning from the personal narratives of young refugees

Year:  | Topic: Voices of young people | Author: Christine and Hamid
During Refugee Week, Christine and Hamid reflect together on their involvement in the Drawing Together project and NYPS, the experiences of r…

Knowing about continuing care allows for early conversations

Year:  | Topic: Foster care, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Hazel Rogers
Hazel Rogers is new to fostering and here she discusses her journey to find out more about continuing care to give her the confidence to supp…

The life of a foster carer

Year:  | Topic: Foster care | Author: Anne-Marie Coyle
Anne-Marie Coyle has been a foster carer for over 15 years with the Kibble Intensive Fostering Service, which provides fostering for children…

‘I am a foster carer’ - why do foster carers find it hard to say?

Year:  | Topic: Foster care | Author: Sara Smith
Why do I hesitate when people ask what I do to say I am a foster carer? What makes me wait and judge the person before saying I am a foster c…
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Love InC project final report

Year: 2022 | Topic: Active implementation | Author: CELCIS, Aberlour, The Care Inspectorate and Includem
love inc project – learnings and resources From the early stages of this Independent Care Review, there were strong, clear and passionate mes…
Journal Resource

Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 21 No1

Year: 2022 | Topic: Residential care | Author:
Welcome to the spring 2022 issue of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care (SJRCC). This year marks the Journal’s 20th anniversary. T…

Education Forum March 2022

Year: 2022 | Topic: Education | Author: CELCIS
The latest CELCIS Education Forum was held online on Wednesday 30 March on the theme of using Scotland's Secure Care Pathway and Standards to…
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Response to the Scottish Parliament’s Social Justice and Social Security Committee’s call for views to inform their inquiry into low income and debt problems

Year: 2022 | Topic: Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Lizzie Thomson
Our submission focuses on the impact of low income, debt and poverty on care leavers in Scotland. To mitigate this impact, we support the exp…
Policy Resource

The Scottish Government’s Promise implementation plan 2022

Year: 2022 | Topic: Legislation | Author: The Scottish Government
The Scottish Government has produced an implementation plan setting out what it will do to Keep The Promise by 2030. This plan complements Th…
Consultations ResourcePolicy Resource

CELCIS’s response to the Scottish Social Services Council on ‘A register for the future’ consultation

Year: 2022 | Topic: Corporate parenting, Local authority | Author: Rosie Moore
CELCIS has responded to the Scottish Social Services Council's consultation on ‘A register for the future’.
Briefing Resource

Briefing: Continuing Care: An exploration of implementation

Year: 2022 | Topic: Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Brandi Lee Lough Dennell, Kenny McGhee, Robert Porter
This briefing highlights the key findings published in CELCIS’s research on the implementation of Continuing Care in Scotland. The briefing d…
Report Resource

Continuing Care: An exploration of implementation

Year: 2022 | Topic: Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Brandi Lee Lough Dennell, Kenny McGhee, Robert Porter
This research aims to identify and better understand what it is that enables and challenges the necessary improvements needed at national and…

Caring for brothers and sisters: the invisible kinship families

Year:  | Topic: Kinship care, Siblings, Brothers and sisters | Author: Lorna Stabler
As part of Kinship Care Week 2022 Lorna Stabler, a Researcher and PhD student at Cardiff University, writes about being a sibling carer and t…

World Social Work Day 2022: the experiences of social workers during COVID-19

Year:  | Topic: Local authority | Author: Irene Ward and David M Clarke
On this World Social Work Day, two social workers from East Ayrshire Council, in Scotland, share their thoughts and experiences of the impact…
Consultations ResourcePolicy Resource

CELCIS response to the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Poverty’s inquiry into poverty and stigma: call for written evidence

Year: 2022 | Topic: Health and Wellbeing, Stigma | Author: Lizzie Thomson
Our response highlights the impact of poverty-related stigma on children, young people and families in need of care and protection. Poverty-r…
Consultations ResourcePolicy Resource

CELCIS’ response to the UK Government consultation on data sharing to support early learning and childcare in Scotland

Year: 2022 | Topic: Disability, Education, Local authority | Author: Kate Mackinnon and Alexander McTier
This consultation is a response to the UK Government’s Digital Cabinet Office on the draft Digital Government (Disclosure of Information) Reg…
Report Resource

Virtual School Head Teachers in Scotland: Practice Case Studies

Year: 2022 | Topic: Education | Author: Michael Bettencourt, Kimberley Keenan, Larissa Gordon, Emma Allen, Mary Jane Hunter, Leanne McIver, Gemma Watson, Linda O’Neill
This report provides an insight into the role of Virtual School Head Teachers (VSHTs) and Care Experienced Teams (CETs) in Scotland through …

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