The CELCIS magazine

Issue 11 | Autumn 2018

Focus on: Evidence into practice

Understanding children's journeys

In this film interview with Alison Penman from Dumfries and Galloway, she explains how her team has been able to use data to help visualise a child's journey through care.

Information is power

Laura Conachan explains how the Children's Hearing System can be improved by seeing the bigger picture.

The mistrusting brain and blocked care

Evidence suggests that DDP (attachment-focused family therapy) is effective in helping recovery from developmental trauma. Here's how.

An air of calm

Mark Brotherton, Educational Psychologist, explains how strong relationships between carers and psychologists have been nurtured.

Agents of change

Jo Derrick at Foster Care Associates explans how additional support for foster carers at the early stages of placement helps to improve outcomes.

Reflecting on practice through PRISM

Jillian Ingram from CELCIS, explains how a new model for shared learning has helped child protection in North Ayrshire.

Visualising the difference

We are open, responsive and actively listen

Michael Stewart, from Fosterplus, gives an insight into a model used to improve foster care practice.

A decade of data

How an analysis of data has enabled Stirling’s services for children develop to better fit their needs.

Connecting Voices on listening to the voices of care experienced young people

Jim Lyon from East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership talks about the importance of listening to the voices of care experienced young people as part of Connecting Voices, a participation group of young care experienced young people, run with the support of East Ayrshire Council.

Connecting Voices – how raising awareness can effect change

Team work works and all relationships matter

Dr Christine Puckering from Mellow Parenting tells the story of a family and how trauma informed care can foster better relationships.

Parents in Partnership at Auchenharvie Academy

Liz and Reena, parents of pupils at Auchenharvie Academy have been involved in a project where the attend their children’s school to learn more about the curriculum, with the aim of supporting their children’s attainment at school.

It’s a family affair

How a Maori model of improving care has been transformative for a family in Glasgow.

Living in the room for improvement

Claire Burns introduces the evidence into practice theme of the new issue of our REACH publication.

Connecting Voices - growing up in care and sibling contact

Kieran Morrell on Parents in Partnership at Auchenharvie Academy

Kieran Morrell, Family Learning Worker, talks about how Parents in Partnership (a model for parental involvement in the school curriculum) is having a real impact on parents and pupils at Auchenharvie Academy in Ayrshire.