Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of child sexual abuse involving someone in a position of power forcing or enticing a young person under the age of 18 to take part in sexual activity in return for something – this could be money, gifts, accommodation, affection or status.

Like other forms of abuse, a child or young person could be unaware of what’s happening. Regardless of any notion of consent, it is child sexual abuse.

Sexual exploitation can take place in many different ways. It could be in person, online or a combination of both and can include children who are trafficked from within the UK or abroad.

CSE has a devastating and long-lasting effect on children and young people. It often leads to a range of physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing issues throughout their lives.

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Sexual exploitation of children involved in the Children’s Hearings System

Year: 2020 | Topic: Child sexual exploitation (CSE) | Author: Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration and Barnardo’s Scotland
A research report on the sexual exploitation of children involved in the Children’s Hearings System by the Scottish Children’s Reporter Admin…
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Child sexual exploitation (CSE) Core Components Checklist for Child Protection Committees

Year: 2019 | Topic: Child protection, Child sexual exploitation (CSE) | Author: Developed by the CSE Data Indicators Sub-Group of the National Child Sexual Exploitation Group
Core Component Checklist to support Child Protection Committees with their response to Child Sexual Exploitation by considering whether the “…
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Child Protection Committees’ Processes and Practices in Relation to Child Sexual Exploitation

Year: 2019 | Topic: Child sexual exploitation (CSE) | Author: Alex McTier
Report on research CELCIS carried out as part of Scotland’s second national Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) action plan. Scotland’s Child Pro…
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Child sexual exploitation: definition and summary

Year: 2016 | Topic: Child protection, Child sexual exploitation (CSE) | Author: Scottish Government
Definition of child sexual exploitation for Scotland, and summary of how the definition should be applied.