CELCIS Strategy 2019-2024

Building Brighter Futures

We've published our new strategy, Building Brighter Futures, setting out our direction and purpose over the next five years.

Our vision is one where "Children and young people in care and protection are always well supported to be all they hope to be".

We value those who are alongside us as we work towards what we're all trying to achieve - the shared goal to improve children's lives. In developing our new strategy we consulted widely and considered the needs and opportunities of our remit across all our programmes and responsibilities, and how we work in partnership with our stakeholders, including care experienced children and young people.

As a leading improvement and innovation centre in Scotland, we will continue work to improve children's lives by supporting people and organisations to drive long-lasting change in the services they need, and the practices used by people responsible their care.

CELCIS – the Centre for Children's Care and Protection - has come a long way since our earliest origins as the Centre for Residential Child Care founded in 1995. From these foundations, we will continue to find ways to come together with others, learn with them, and further build on our legacy, sharing what we know about improving the protection and care of children, young people and their families, to help practitioners and volunteers who are working locally, nationally and globally.

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